Training for the Grand Teton

This past weekend I worked with Luke and Kara from Longmont to help them prepare for the Grand Teton in a couple of weeks.

The first day I took them to the direct North Ridge of the First Flatiron by Boulder. We climbed in approach shoes to simulate the Grand Teton terrain and worked up and down the North Ridge. The terrain is a perfect training ground for moderate alpine terrain and actually is a route we use during AMGA Alpine Guides Courses to work on simple belays and managing ridge crests up and down. Good stuff.

On day two we went to Eldorado Canyon for some harder climbing and went up Icarus on the Red Garden Wall. This route took us to the top of Tower One (same summit as the Yellow Spur). Our goal was to head down the East Ledges to further work on third and fourth class terrain, but fast moving storms forced us down the Vertigo Rappels.